The Single Dad's Guide to the Galaxy
The Single Dad’s Guide to the Galaxy is perfect for anyone who’d appreciate some wise advice on the reality of that most difficult of all undertakings: being a parent.
— North & South Magazine (Sept 2017)
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‘I’ve experienced all the different roles you have to play when there’s nobody else around: a parent, a dad, a father, a stand-in mum, a confidant, always a butler or maid, a teacher and, most crucially, a friend.’

In this enlightening but also very practical book, I (Roger McEwan) share the lessons I've learned from years as a solo dad.

It is not a self-help book. But amidst the rich, always fascinating, often hilarious experiences of my times with my two children are dozens and dozens of useful pieces of advice for parents – from developing a great relationship with your ex (if you can) to letting the children pick the clothes they want to wear, teaching them to cook, and acknowledging that changing a toilet roll is too complex for anyone under the age of eighteen to understand.

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