Silence is golden, unless you have kids, then silence is just plain suspicious.
— Anonymous

My daughter has recently turned 15 and she has entered that time of life that many parents dread, especially dads. It brings with it the arrival of a new species called boyfriends.

I was once 15 and so I know what these boys are probably like. Worse, when I was 15 we didn’t have the internet and so 15 year olds are likely to more than I did which may be a good and a bad thing if it has been a balanced education though this is unlikely. I can’t imagine the sorts of sites that attract curious eyes provide a wholesome approach to the subject and this adds to my anxiety.

I am, however, sticking to my hard earned lessons about keeping in step with your children. There is little to be gained by trying to hold back time, all you do is force your children underground. So when she wants to go visiting or host a visit I’m happy to drive her or play chaperone. It also gives me a chance to have another informal chat with her.

Even with the fact that I trust my daughter, I’m still a nervous chaperone. If they are in her bedroom then I tend to stomp around the house like Shrek. I want to create the impression that I’m close and may explode into the room at any second to see if they would like a sandwich.