Your Ex as a Facebook friend

If you are so happy with your life, go back to it and stop looking at mine.
— Random meme

To friend or unfriend your Ex, that is the question. That assumes you are friends, for many that will clearly not be the case. In that event, ask yourself what would you do if you received a friend request?

I should state up front that I am Facebook friends with Rose (my Ex) though it is a very one-sided friendship. I post twice a year (because I think Facebook is lame) when I’m outraged about something environmental and she posts daily about her life. I’m not one to judge (yeah, right), but does anyone need to know when she is playing mini-putt? If she reads this I will, no doubt, be unfriended but que sera, I’ll live on the edge.

I think to this answer to this question you have to be honest and ask why do you want to know what he/she is doing. If you have a legitimate reason, one you could tell someone else without them thinking you need help, then it should be fine. If not, unfriend your Ex and get on with living your own life. The evidence suggests that one third of people use Facebook to monitor the activities of former partners (Chaulk & Jones, 2011). This is not a legitimate reason, it’s unhealthy and closer to stalking than being interested bystander. (If you want a more in-depth read, check out this article on Psychology Today - Should You and Your Ex Still Be Facebook Friends?)

So what’s my legitimate reason? I get to know what my children are doing when they aren’t with me and, more importantly, I don’t care what Rose is doing. She could have been dancing the Conga with Prince Harry and that would only inspire me to comment – lol.

My advice, make sure you are friends for the right reasons…

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