Packing and Capitalism

If you retain nothing else, always remember the most important Rule of Beauty, which is: Who cares?
— Tina Fey, from Bossypants

Here is a question to ponder – how old should children be before you let them take responsibility for their own packing? My advice – never.

My daughter, Liv, is 17 and can, at times, appear extremely adult and responsible. This lulls you into a false sense of security and you overlook the fact that if she forgets to pack something then the hullabaloo required to resolve the situation falls to you.

Liv is currently going to school in Whanganui which is about an hour away from home in Palmerston North (that in itself is a long and involved story that will come out in the new book). She was down for the weekend and, when it came time to return, she dutifully packed with hours to spare to get in some last-minute gaming with Rog (her brother). Just as dutifully she forgot her bucket load of hair stuff.

I know these days you can’t play the “I’m a male and I don’t get it” card, but why girls think they need ridiculous amounts of expensive hair and other “product” is beyond me. I do understand how it works. The capitalist inspired, money hungry beauty industry brain washes children from an early age to believe without these vital cremes and lotions they will shrivel by the time they are 23 and be spurned by society. The industries goal is simple - make shit loads of money for a small group of already obscenely wealthy people. Beauty isn’t pretty!

My idea, in response to Liv’s pleading text, of using other stuff in the meantime was greeted by both Liv and then her Mum (my Ex who clearly believes in the need for “product”) with incredulity.  This left me ratting around the garage Monday morning for a cardboard box in order to pack said items and pay $16.50 to courier them away.

My advice (which I have learnt and re-learnt several times) always do a final check yourself. At the very least you’ll have no one else to blame…

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