Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?


I much prefer that question to the more standard - what do you do? I'm a fifty one year old New Zealand dad who has been raising his children as a single dad for the past decade (give or take). When I became a single dad I looked for material to help me understand who I had become but most of the material was either for single mums or was unhelpful. So I started blogging and eventually I decided to share my experiences in a book - A Single Dad's Guide to the Galaxy. The link below will take you to a Bio and a few photos.


What do you do?


If you must ask! Loads . . .

What do you mean by single dad/parent?


When I call myself a single dad I mean that the parenting done in my home is done by me and nobody else. Rose is my "ex", who is also a single parent, and between the two of us we are raising our children. 

Are you single?


No, I have a very lovely partner who is a singe parent herself.

Where can I buy your book?


Check out all the usual suspects here!

I can't find your book in my local store!


Dang! Please ASK the helpful staff and they will order you a copy and it shouldn't cost any more. You can buy a book directly from this site (click here) and to compensate for the postage costs, I'll sign it just for you!

Can you speak at our event or Write an Article?


Sure but it depends where it is and what you are trying to achieve. If you want to know a little bit more about me check out my bio and then email me and let's see if it works.

Can I contact you?


Sure but cut me some slack as I don't live on-line, we are probably in different time zones and I'm juggling a few things at the moment.  Email is preferred though you can contact me via Twitter or Facebook. Please note - I don't give out specific advice on parenting or relationships because I don't have the answers, you do.

Why are you still blogging?


Because life goes on and I'm still learning. My children are now mini-adults and will soon be flying on their own and I have no idea what that's going to feel like. Blogging is my way of both connecting with people and collecting my thoughts before they are lost forever.

Can I support your next book?

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